Monday, December 27, 2010

SPONSORS vs Bank Robbery.....(or How we make a Documentary)

     The Photo above is what I think of when I think of my friend Rick, he is a camera with a hat as far as I can tell. As we move forward through our lives there are specific people that we come to recognize as true Characters whose addition to our lives we could not imagine being without.
 Rick is not one of those guys he's just one of the most honorable honest fly fishing filming guys that walk the planet...
 I am happy to announce our newest project and am looking forward to the participation of all you FISHEADS out will be dragging you all along as we desperately negotiate with our sponsors to actually get MONEY to make this project work...not just gear to keep in-front of the camera lenses..
 Along the way we have decided to use several non profit funding avenues as well, such as raffles for rods, flies, gear and my favorite..Time in front of the camera...!

 Thats Right you contribute and you will be in this great Documentary about the Steelhead populations of the West Coast..
Looking forward to seeing you visit the web site and help influence the direction this film flows by contributing your time and information...and helping us gather funds to make this all possible....

 In the end we are all connected by the thread of nature. Let this be the thread that leads us to the salvation of our wild Steelhead as well..!

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